It's not the petty imperfections that define us but the way we hold our hearts.

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    Native American cultural appropriation: not okay Calling someone an ugly, tacky faggot because they made you angry: also...
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    What a disgrace. My ancestors weep.
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    I have no idea what this post is about but its so long it broke my phone and forced me to enter an alternate...
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    Yeah fucking with peoples cultural symbols as bad an all, but I am mainly reblogging for how obnoxiously long this will...
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    ^reblogging for useful commentary, especially the bolded
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    this is important because it shows that racism goes beyond intention
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    omggggggggggg did this really happen?
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    You realize all the notes are negative right? None of them are positive towards your photo.
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    Actually, that’s fucking correct! They don’t get to do that! You get a cookie!
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    lol this bitch is too dumb.
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    This has gone way outta hand. Just delete the picture. If you WERE native then you’d know that this picture is...
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    You just can’t put anything on the internet without anyone NOT getting offended.
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    note the BOLDED TEXT in this post. that is all.
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